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Lightweight Camping Cookpot: Toaks Titainium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle Review

Price: £31-£42

Weight: 103g

Rating: 4.5/5

If you’re the sort of backpacker who’s always trying to find ways to drop that base weight a little, but without impairing your comfort and ability to enjoy the experience, having a well functioning cookset is a key part of that. The heaviest single item in a cookset, excluding your fuel, will likely be your cookware. I’ve taken the Toaks 750ml pot out for a a couple of spins now and so far, it’s proving to be an incredibly useful bit of kit. I’ll be going into it’s pros, cons and how well it’s served me in the field so far.

Due to the pot being made in the US, the price of the item this side of the Atlantic takes that into account and unfortunately, increases the price by about £10 in comparision to its price over in the US.

Pros: The cookpot has been designed in such a way that it is successfully multipurpose. The 750ml capacity makes it big enough to cook enough food for a good meal but it’s not so large that it can’t also double as a (albeit large) mug for coffee breaks or an evening hot drink. This is achieved with the handles on the side of the pot that can fold out to make moving the pot from the stove easier and make it easy to drink from as a mug. Having an item that can double up like this is useful for people who want to reduce the amount of stuff they take with them as well as reduce their overall base weight.

The pot also has a bail handle to allow for additonal ease in removing the pot from the stove or so it can be hung over a fire or sat at the edge of the fire and removed safely hooking a stick under the bail handle. Helpfully there are also measurement marks on the inside of the pot to allow for easy cooking measurements. Another useful feature is that the pot is the right width for the standard 100ml gas canisters from companies like MSR and Jetboil to fit snugly inside without an issue and still have enough space remaining to also store your stove and lighter in there to reduce the space taken up in your pack.

Cons: Due to the taller, narrower, mug-like shape of the pot, it can be a little tricker to stir your food around while it’s cooking and there is some risk of getting some food burnt to the bottom of the pot. Stirring thoroughly allieviates this nd taking a long handled spoon makes stirring much easier. The narrowness of the item may also make it a little harder to fit the boil in the bag camping meals into the pot if you are choosing to use those.

While in theory having an item that doubles as a pot and a mug seems pretty great, it does have its downsides. You can’t have a hot drink while you’re waiting for your food to cook and you do need to ensure you’ve wiped the pot out thoroughly after cooking, so that the evening hot drink won’t have nice bits of food floating about in it. However, if you are the sort of person who’s using this item for its multi-functionality, then the chances are you’re not overly worried about these minor concerns. A lightweight cup can be easily obtained for people who do like to prepare a hot drink to have while they then cook their food.

Overall Impressions from the Field

So far my Toaks 750ml pot has been out on two wild camps and one wild swimming adventure where I used it to make a hot drink after dunking myself in a cold river. I’m personally growing very attached to it and have been really enjoying it as an addition to my set up. I can fit the whole cookset into it for a solo adventure so it’s easy to pack away into my bag and means I can quickly find where everything is to make dinner with once I set up camp.

With a cloth, the pot is easy enough to clean, the smooth surface of the metal making food stick to it much less easily. I have encountered some issues with food burning to the bottom but that’s honestly my own fault for not paying enough attention to the food I was cooking.

The version with the bail handle can be found in a few places on the internet, but at the time of writing seems to only be in stock on Amazon.

The version minus the bail handle is in stock in a few more locations and is marginally lighter.

A great piece of kit. I intend to use it for my solo camps for the foreseeable future and have no intention of changing this part of my cooking system. This item was purchased by me for my personal use.

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